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Common Illnesses

Fever / AAP

Appendicitis / AAP

Vomiting / AMA

Understanding Anemia / AAP

Treating Diarrhea and Dehydration /AAP

How the Flu Is Spread / AAP

Tonsils and the Adenoids / AAP

Croup / AAP

Treating and Preventing the Flu / AAP

Sore Throats / AAP

Symptoms of Anemia / AAP

Chickenpox / AAP

Viral Dirrhea / AAP

Conjunctivitis / AMA

Ear Infections / AAP

Chronic Ear Infections / AAP

    Frequently Asked Questions

      Immunization Overview / AAP

      Treating Acne / AAP

      You and Your Pediatrician / AAP

      Puberty Information For Boys / AAP

Asthma and Allergies

What If Your Infant Has Asthma? / AMA

Symptoms of an Allergy / AAP

Common Allergies / AAP

Pet Allergy / ACAAI

Food Allergies / AAP


Developing Social Skills / AAP

What If Your Child Is Being Bullied? / AAP

ADHD Overview / AAP

You and Your Child's Behavior / AAP

What Your Child Worries About / AAP

Signs of Low Self-Esteem / AAP

Temper Tantrums / AAP

Disobedience / AAP

Discipline / AAP

Separation Anxiety / AAP

Especially for Teens

Confidentiality in Adolescent Health Care / AAP

Dealing with Peer Influences / AAP

Helping Suicidal Teens / AAP

Increasing Teen Driver Safety / AAP

Teaching Your Children About Sexuality / ACOG


Family Issues

Communication With Your Adolescent / AAP

Taking Action Against Prejudice / AAP

Family Problems / AAP

When Both Parents Work / AAP

A Death in the Family / AAP

Divorce / AAP

Stepsiblings / AAP

Fitness and Sports

Sports Programs / AAP

Exercise and Your Lifestyle / AAP

Types of Exercise / AAP

Athletes and Nutrition / AAP


Growth and Development

Encouraging Reading / AAP

Growth and Your 1-3 Month Old / AMA

The Senses and Your Newborn / AMA

Gender Identity / AAP



Measles Immunization in HIV-Infected Children / AAP

Facts about HIV and AIDS / AAP

How HIV is Spread / AAP


Infant Care

Jaundice / AAP

Colic / AAP

Communication and Your 1-3 Month Old / AMA

Infant Sleep Positioning and SIDS / AAP

Circumcision / AAP

JAMA Patient Page: Caring For A Newborn Baby / AMA

JAMA Patient Page: Feeding Your Newborn / AMA


Immunizations and Infectious Disease

General Information About Immunization / CDC

Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine / AAP

Why Immunizations are important / AAP

Common Myths About Immunizations / AAP

Immunizations for the School-Age Child / AAP

MMR Vaccine / AAP

Vaccine Recommendations For Travelers Under 2 Years Old / CDC

Chicken Pox Vaccine / AAP

Vaccine Recommendations For Travelers Ages 2 or Older / CDC

The Importance of Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Vaccine / AAP



Nutritional Needs of School-Age Children / AAP

Healthy Mealtime Habits: 2 to 5 Years / AMA

Special Diets and Special Concerns: 13 to 18 Years / AMA

Toddler's Diet / AAP

Cooking with Your Children / AAP

Solid Foods / AAP

Vegetarianism / AAP

Choosing Healthy Snacks / AAP

Healthy Mealtime Habits: 13 to 18 Years / AMA

Calcium Requirements of Infants, Children, and Adolescents / AAP

Does Your Child Need Vitamin Supplements? / AAP

Hypoallergenic Infant Formulas / AAP

Eating Disorders / AAP

Healthy Food Choices for School-Age Children / AAP

Healthy Food Choices: 2 to 5 Years / AMA

Is Your Child Overweight? / AAP

Healthy Mealtime Habits: 6-12 Years / AMA

Cholesterol in Childhood / AAP

Breastfeeding / AAP

Breastfeeding and your diet / AAP


Skin Care

What Causes Acne / AAP

Treating Diaper Rash / AAP

Eczema and Dermatitis / AAP

What Causes Diaper Rash? / AAP


Substance Abuse

Preventing substance abuse / AAP

Marijuana: A Continuing Concern for Pediatricians / AAP

Preventing Inhalant Abuse / AAP

Patterns of Alcohol Abuse / AAP

Common Inhalants / AAP

Tobacco, Drugs and Adolescents / AAP

JAMA Patient Page: Kids Lighting Up / AMA

JAMA Patient Page: Preventing Tobacco Use in Children and Adolescents / AMA


Toilet Training and Bedwetting

Bed-wetting / AAP

Toilet Training / AAP